Wanted 01

Photographs of performance. Wanted 01   Jinan in Shandong Province 17th January, 2003

The content of Wanted:
Wanted (A grade), NO. 2100725467384564105017;Name: Wa Wa CL;Height: 42cm ;Weight: 0.7kg;Features: Round face, big eyes, tender skin and long blond hair; Wearing round straw hat, red checkered dress and a pair of white shoes. This subject is timid and indecisive, and no lethal weapon or other dangerous equipment carrying with. Please be careful. if anyone except those (see remarks)who has any information related to this please contact us asap. One will be rewarded with 1,000-20,000RMB if the leads is prooved ture after investigation. Remarks: Those, who are proletarians, capitalists, governmental officials, parties members, women and children, dalits and artists, are refused to be interviewed.

Detained for three days under the name of breaking the regulation of Disturbing Public Order in the middle of performing, from 18th January 21th January 2003.